IBCB function as the main builder of Self Help Group (SHG), Village Organisation (VO) and Cluster Level Federation (CLF).

        IBCB staffs went to different villages and searched for members and organized them into various SHG. There are about 8-15 members in each SHGs. After organizing them into different SHGs, they formed VO in each villages where there is a minimum of 5 SHGs. VO has two representatives from each SHG. After this, they organized VO into CLF. There are around 5-10 VOs in each CLFs.

         Presently, there are three Cluster Coordinators viz., David Lalrinfela, Hannah Laldinpuii and H. Lalruatdiki under IBCB within Khawzawl RD Block. They give institution and capacity building training to the SHG members frequently and undertake field visit to different villages within the block.